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The 9 Disciplines of a Facilitator:
Leading Groups by Transforming Yourself

By Jon C. Jenkins and Maureen R. Jenkins
Jossey-Bass, San Francisco, 2006, 310 pages, ISBN-13: 978-0-7879-8068-9

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"Over the last five years I have been fortunate to complete some doctoral research focusing on the way that facilitators are trained and developed. During this time, I have been immersed in facilitation literature, and in my opinion there is an over-abundance of books promising amazing results. A critical read of the literature suggests there are too many authors claiming to have found the new silver bullet destined to solve all facilitation challenges. The new book by Jon and Maureen Jenkins, The 9 Disciplines of a Facilitator: Leading Groups by Transforming Yourself, is nothing like these books and is the most refreshing book on facilitation that I have read in the last five years."

From: book review, Glyn Thomas
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"A needed and timely push to facilitators in every part of the profession to acknowledge the deeper realities of what we do. Facilitation is not just techniques but assisting individuals and groups to use the deeper resources they have within them to respond more effectively in day-to-day situations."

James Wiegel, senior associate, the Institute of Cultural Affairs


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